Monday, August 26, 2013

Singapore's new online learning portal for primary maths.

Practise, Learn and Play!
Matholia is an online mathematics learning portal providing pupils, teachers and parents with dedicated content based on the latest primary maths syllabus from the Singapore Ministry of Education.
The Matholia online portal covers all primary school levels from P1 to P6. Our content can be broken down into the following core components:

• interactive modules that test core mathematics concepts
• a growing library of over 1500 modules
• instant feedback
• rewards for speed and accuracy
• randomised question generation ensures minimal repetition
• an extensive and growing library of instructional and story-based videos as well as fact sheets
• instructional videos teach mathematics though rich visual presentations
• story-based videos provide real-life contexts to teach concepts
• fact sheets provide concise summaries of key concepts

• a range of fun and engaging syllabus-based games
• appealing to boys and girls across all ages

• randomised tests that progressively assess material learned throughout the year.
• topical reviews with pre-test, term 1, term 2, mid–year, term 3, term 4, end-of-year and full year
• instant feedback and scoring

• detailed statistics presented in a visually rich and easy-to-understand manner
• email notifications
• colour-coded skill map enables parents, teachers and pupils to identify strengths and weaknesses

Mr Daniel William Cole
Mr Cole has been involved in primary mathematics education for over 12 years. As a former mathematics Head of Department, Mr Cole has taught and authored books throughout South East Asia, including current MOE- approved textbooks and workbooks in Singapore, Brunei and Thailand. 
Along with being an acclaimed primary mathematics author, Mr Cole has also designed and programmed educational multimedia and software packages that are widely used in Singapore, Australia, Brunei, Hong Kong and Thailand.

PhD, MEd, BSc, DipEd
Dr Ng is an Associate Professor with the Mathematics Education academic group at the National Institute of Education, Singapore. Dr Ng works extensively with Singapore primary mathematics teachers including teaching and supervising at the masters and doctoral level. 
Dr Ng has a wealth of teaching experience having spent twenty years teaching upper secondary mathematics. She has also authored mathematics titles for Singapore and the region. 
Her general interest and research area is looking into ways in which to improve teaching and learning across the primary mathematics curriculum.

Watch the video below to find out more about Matholia.

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